Gallery space at Fremantle Arts Centre during REVEALED exhibition

Research & Travel

Our desk research has been complemented by travel to local, regional and international art centres. We have connected with artists in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa. Seed funding support from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries made it possible to better acquaint with craft practices across Australia through physical visits to the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Desert Mob and Tarnanthi in Adelaide.

Craft Triennial Update

The past year has been exceptionally busy following the announcement in late 2018 of the intended Triennial 2021. We are pleased that the concept has been well received, both here in Australia and around the Ocean’s rim. Our team of independent curators has been researching, planning, meeting artists and organisations, and discussing the production of the exhibition and auxiliary projects in the community.

Craft Sector Briefing

When we held an introductory briefing for the local craft sector in WA – over 50 individuals and representatives from organisations attended the session at Artsource in Fremantle. Documented by West TV, the session enabled our group to present our thinking and invite participation and engagement.